Is India a safe country to visit..? |
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Is India a safe country to visit..?

There is a myth out there in the world that India is not safe so lets find out.

To find the reality of this statement, i want you to continue reading….

India has got really rich history. Kingdoms of India was so rich that is that they were always being a tempting target for outsiders.

Now it is consider third world, there are many stereotypes that are being projected towards the world by western media.

Not every muslim is a suicide bomber , not every indian is raping others and many more..
India does not top the charts of most rapist country, they just want you to believe that.
Germany and USA stand above India as far as rapes are concerned.

India is a wonderful country with stunning beauty which is unmatchable.

Question arises what makes India a rising Nation even after having such a horrifying history and the answer to that question is HOPE.

A hope of life
A hope of freedom
A hope of togetherness
A hope of becoming one world.

Yes India is a safe country to visit.

Do visit

Dont just visit india gain daily updates and much more.

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