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Indian Cuisine – Part 1

You Eat To Live Or Live To Eat…….?

Indian Cuisine is divided mainly into four categories :-

    • North India Cuisine
    • East, North East India Cuisine
    • South India Cuisine
    • West India Cuisine

North India Cuisine

Chole Bhature
Indian food

The king of the Punjabi Kitchen- “bhature” are made up of wheat flour and “chole” are chickpeas cooked in assorted spices.

Aloo Samosa

All time companion for Tea- made up of wheat flour stuffed with fried potatoes.

Dahi Bhalla
North indian cuisine
A after lunch dish with sweet curd and sour and tangy chutneys.

Gol Gappe
north india cuisine
Favorite tongue twister of India.

sweet Cuisnie of India
A sweet dessert made up of condensed milk, khoya(milk product), cream and nuts.

Dal Baati
Indian cuisine
A traditional Rajasthani & North Indian dish where ‘Dal’ is lentils and ‘baati’ is hard wheat rolls.

To be continued……..


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